Our Philosophy


Community Centric

Instead of considering our consumers as customers, we want to treat them as a community we serve. This means that we always put their interest first before our short-term profits. In addition to being our consumers, they also provide supply and demand for our services.

Our approach to place the community first every time will build a strong and loyal community allowing for a network effect as they become our brand ambassadors.

Pricing Model

A typical startup takes the investor capital to reduce the cost to the customer untill a habit is formed and then charges the same customer a higher price. Our model is to automate most activities, allowing us to remain profitable at a low cost to our community.

In contrast to other brands, we look to reduce the cost paid by our community by increasing our volumes.  An example of doing the right thing for our community is as higher volumes will open other sources of income from vendors and financial institutions.

Infinite Game

MatchedFX’s view is to be a solution provider for currency exchange and travel indefinitely. Decisions will be made by taking a long-term view and remaining true to our community interest.

Another example is that we will charge a lower fee to our economically challenged clients, who typically are charged a higher cost than that of affluent customers by other financial institutes. We want a reputation as an organisation known for doing the right thing and properly earning the trust of our community.