Matched FX allows you to exchange your local currency digitally for a foreign currency. You can either exchange at the market rate (with no spread, saving you money) or place an offer for the rate you wish to exchange at, and your FX will get credited to you as soon as we match it!

You can move the exchanged currency to either a bank account or if you like, a Forex card. This enables you to pay any bills, transfer money to the account of your chosen beneficiary, or use the Forex card option to use it like a local currency debit card during your travels.

These services are provided via a mobile app available on the App Store or Google Play.

Exchange Currency

Place offer

Track and Transfer

Pay Bills

We enable you to browse as a guest to see the rates and fees and exchange currency when you like the offered rate or plan to make your offer. Once you have decided, we will ask you to sign up and verify your phone and email to enable a secure login with 2FA (Two-factor Authentication – like Password and OTP). We also support your mobile security, so you can use FaceID or Fingerprint scan instead of your password if you prefer.

By keeping our services digital, we plan to offer you the best rates and transfers in minutes, which are available anytime and from any place as long as you have an internet connection. We will also meet all regulatory reporting requirements in the countries we operate in and check for money laundering and other nefarious activity to ensure our platform is not used for the illegal purposes.